Tasmanian Adventures + Ryan’s Birthday | Part 1

On Wednesday we flew into Hobart in the early afternoon. Much to my surprise, we didn’t spend the remainder of the afternoon settling in and unpacking, instead we headed off on an adventure. After many windy roads and far too many wrong turns (my bad) we arrived at the perfect sunset spot, Mortimer Bay. And of my goodness. After a short walk, the trees lining the bay cleared to reveal an out-of-place wooden fence parting water so still that when you looked at it all you could see were the clouds reflected from above. The bay was entirely deserted besides us and one other photographer whom had the same idea as Ryan. The three of us chatted as they got their shots and all too soon the once golden sky transformed into a sea of purple as the sun slowly slipped behind the distant mountains bordering the horizon.

Now, a lot of you know that I’m not even fond of queensland winter; which to most people is a sorry excuse for a winter. So travelling to a place that actually experiences a real winter had me a little nervous. Perhaps standing in the sun had lulled me into a false sense of security, but up until this point I thought I had been handling the cold relatively well. That was until the sun went down. Only then did I learn the true meaning of cold. If it weren’t for that incredible sunset and the handsome soon-to-be birthday boy standing beside me I would have been seriously questioning my sanity in agreeing to go to Tasmania in the dead of winter.

From there we drove over to opossum bay whilst becoming very well acquainted with the car heaters. Eventually we landed on an isolated sandy road leading out to the pitch black beach, the perfect spot for Ryan to get Astro photos of the Milky Way. Which just so happened to also be the perfect spot to let my sook flag fly high; firstly, it was freezing and secondly, there was definitely something in the bushes (Ryan would argue it was a possum but I was thinking something more along the lines of an abominable snowman or a serial killer… or a kangaroo). But I put my big girl pants on and ventured out down the beach track with my trusty iPhone torch whilst Ryan casually mentions spotting what looked like kangaroo footprints. Thanks babe, exactly what I wanted to hear. Anyways, Ryan got some incredible shots and I’m still alive to tell the tail so it was a win-win situation.… View Post

Monday Update

Hiii friends! Ok so every now and then I’m now going to do these little life update for those of you that are interested! I don’t know about you guys, but I like to actually get to know the person behind the blog. Seeing as I’ve wanted to make this blog a little more personal as well I thought it would be the perfect little addition 🙂

LIFE // I’m currently on my winter break from uni – YAY. So life has included catching up on things I had to postpone during exams, renovating, preparing for a trip, and working on projects (which you should hopefully see very soon ahhhh). I also had my friend’s hens party and wedding the past two weeks; she’s the first one of my high school friends to get married so that was pretty cool! Actually all the photos above are from her Hens weekend 🙂

Anyways, this week Ryan and I are going on a little adventure for his birthday and I am SO freakin’ excited. Although we’ve travelled a fair bit together, we’ve always been with family and/or friends, which is still awesome, but this will be our first time travelling together just the two of us! Although I’m going to leave it a surprise for now, you will soon see where we’re going because I will be blogging, snapping and instagraming it all. Here’s a hint: we’re staying in Australia but we’re going somewhere much colder with mountains, waterfalls and snow 😉

THOUGHTS // You might have noticed if you read this blog post that this year I felt as though I was in a little bit of a funk. And not a funk that lasts a few days but a funk that lasts a few weeks and gradually turns into months. That kind of lingering funk. … View Post

Health & Wellness: The Balance Between Structure & Flexibility

If someone were to ask me what I’ve found most challenging in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it would have to be finding that sweet spot between structure and flexibility. A little bit of structure can help us form and maintain healthy habits whilst a little bit of flexibility in our mindset can help us maintain a healthy relationship with food and exercise. The thing is, sometimes we find ourselves leaning too much either way. Either we get swept up in being structured where we start to place too many restrictions on ourselves and get frustrated when we don’t eat ‘perfectly’ or we get swept up in being overly flexible to the point of complacency and we find ourselves slowly falling off the health bandwagon. To be honest, I have most certainly been in both of these places before… A couples of times actually ha! So, I thought I would list a few little tips and tricks for you guys to get you back to the sweet spot for whenever you feel like you’ve lost your way.… View Post

On My Radar: Healthy Recipes

I’M BACK! Yep, you guys are stuck with me now because all my assessment is DONE and I can now dedicate so much more time to this lil’ blog – YAY. To kick things off, let’s start to by talking about one of our fave things – food 😉 So lately I’ve found myself in bit of a food slump where I struggle to think of meals to make. It always happens to me after a busy few weeks because I find myself sticking to the same few meals that I find easiest and quickest to cook (which definitely isn’t the best – we should be aiming for variety in our diets!). Anyways, I did a little searching for healthy meals and I had to share with you some of the yummy recipes I found. Maybe it will give you guys some foodie inspo too!… View Post

Wednesday Wisdom

Aaaand the Wednesday Wisdom’s are back – YAY! I love love love this quote by Daniell Koepke and I just had to share it with you guys. Always know that you are enough <3 Wishing you all a happy Wednesday! xx… View Post