My Workout Routine + You Don’t Have To Be Sporty To Be Healthy

Hey guys!

How excited are you for this long weekend?!

Even though I have a tonne of study to do, I am one happy chappy because: 1) I am now on my mid-semester uni break A.K.A no classes for a whole entire week, 2) I got the results back for my first exam for this semester and I got a high distinction YAY, 3) I just finished up the last of the pracs for one of my more challenging courses (biochemistry / molecular biology) this semester which means no more sexy lab coats and safety goggles for me ha!

So I kicked off the long weekend by doing an outdoor workout with my mum and testing out my new camera. This year I’ve actually really been loving working out outdoors. I think it’s the combo of the fresh air and nature that always makes me feel calm and clear-headed. And if you know me, you’d know that calm doesn’t always come easy to me lol. Basically, exercising outdoors is like a daily chill pill. I love it.

Anyways, during my walk, I decided that I should share with you guys my workout routines as well as a misconception about what it is to be healthy and fit.

Let’s start with the latter first. Get comfy, because this requires a little story.

Ok, SO, the weirdest thing happened. Growing up I played in all kinds of sports and excelled at all of them but once I got to high school it was like every bit of athletic talent I had vanished into thin air. No really, suddenly I went from the girl that would be asked to stay behind in netball to play for the team above her to the girl that would get hit in the head by the ball, get picked last to be on teams and would be forced to play touch rugby only to run away from the ball. I hated sports and they hated me. I was basically the real-life Mia Thermopolis, frizzy hair and all. You know, the yoga-doing, wall-climbing kind of girl (except I’m not that great at yoga either lol, but hopefully that will change soon because my mum just became a certified yoga teacher – SO cool). It wasn’t until late high school and the year after graduating that I was faced with illness and a body that had hit rock bottom. Suddenly, I had no other choice but to rebuild my body through nutrition and exercise. But at that point, I was so used to being this ‘uncoordinated girl that despised sport’ that I didn’t feel like I could ever be healthy and fit.… View Post

Healthy Living On A Budget

Hello, hello! How are you guys doing this week?!

So, considering I’ve been at uni for what feels like forever (the downsides of changing degrees ha!), I’m amazed by the fact that I haven’t yet done a post on how to live a healthy lifestyle on a student budget.

Yesterday I was discussing this topic with my mum and we got talking about how big the health industry has gotten… Nowadays, it feels like everyone is trying to sell you the very thing that will “make you healthy”. AND I think because we’re subjected to this every day it starts to chip away at our subconscious until we believe that we can’t live a healthy lifestyle until we own a gym membership, wear the latest trends in activewear, buy all organic everything and hook ourselves up to a green juice IV drip (ok maybe not so much that last one. I think… Are those IV vitamin drips actually a thing now?!)

Let’s be honest, It can be pretty damn intimidating to those of us on a student budget (or just a tight budget in general), but the truth is, healthy living doesn’t have to be expensive.… View Post

Adventures At Twin Falls

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Ryan and I have been doing a lot of adventuring (lol, not sure if that’s a word, but let’s roll with it) lately and I couldn’t not share it with you guys. I figured I’ll split the posts up according to the weekend which we went, so let’s start with Twin falls from about 3 weekends ago.

Ok, so this weekend was rather, hmmm, interesting. Let’s just say I was a tad unlucky that day. Firstly, we left too late and were fighting time (bye sunlight) to get back up to the top of the mountain before it was completely pitch black. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m a total wuss and hate being in the bush when it’s dark. It freaks me out. Big time. And of course to make things worse, we got caught in rain and intense fog. ‘Cause, you know, what goes better with a creepy dark forest than some eery fog?! Ohhh and let’s not forget that I also almost stepped on a huge crayfish and what looked like a baby snake. Hmmm, now I think there was just one more thing – oh that’s right, I GOT POOPED ON BY A BAT. Yeah, that happened. And it was so unbelievably gross. Also, can we all just assume that the ‘when a bird poops on you it’s good luck’ thing is true for bats as well? Yeah? Cool.… View Post

My Fave Hair Salon | Bristle & Bones

Happy Monday guys!

So, today I have a special treat for those of you that live in Brisbane (Australia) and that is Bristle & Bones A.K.A my FAVE hair salon.

Rewind to January this year when I first visited Bristle & Bones… It was love at first sight, or err love at first colour. From the cutest décor to the sweetest owners (Natashia and Michelle), it was hard not to fall head over heels. But of course, at the end of the day, it comes down to the hair and that’s where Bristle and Bones really worked it’s magic.

The Salon

I love love love the styling/décor/layout of this salon. Perhaps I’m weird, but a lot of chain salons give me major headaches. There’s a billion people chatting, nine hundred hair dryers destroying my ear drums, icky shopping centre lighting and the smell of a trillion hair products being sprayed at once. Ok, slight exaggeration, but you get my point. My inner introvert craves a calmer environment and that’s exactly what you get with Bristle and Bones. … View Post

OOTD + How To Be Happy

Well hello there guys! How has your week been?!

Do you know those weeks where everything has just been a blur and your brain is ALL over the place? That was this week. BUT I did manage to escape my study/work on Tuesday for a deeeeeelicious lunch (I actually can’t remember the last time I had an acai bowl… SO overdue) with my mum and of course I took a few snaps of my outfit for you guys.

Anyways, I thought I would share with you a quote I came across earlier this week (those of you who follow me on insta @chantelouisee will have already seen this):

“Your life is right now. It’s not later. It’s not in that time of retirement. It’s not when the lover gets here. It’s not when you’ve moved into the new house. It’s not when you get the better job. Your life is right now. It will always be right now. You might as well decide to start enjoying your life right now, because it’s not ever going to get better than right now—until it gets better right now. the way you’re responding emotionally to your life right now, is the basis of what is to come.” – Abraham Hicks

This quote could not have come at a better time for me. I’m super ambitious, which I love, buuuuut sometimes I get a tad impatient. Ok, perhaps a little more than a tad. Basically, I want it all, and I want it all now ha! However, this reminded me to keep my feet firmly placed in this present moment whilst I work towards creating the things I want for my future. There is never any point in wasting the present moment wishing for moments ahead. After all, life is never not happening right now.… View Post