Adventures At Twin Falls

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Ryan and I have been doing a lot of adventuring (lol, not sure if that’s a word, but let’s roll with it) lately and I couldn’t not share it with you guys. I figured I’ll split the posts up according to the weekend which we went, so let’s start with Twin falls from about 3 weekends ago.

Ok, so this weekend was rather, hmmm, interesting. Let’s just say I was a tad unlucky that day. Firstly, we left too late and were fighting time (bye sunlight) to get back up to the top of the mountain before it was completely pitch black. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m a total wuss and hate being in the bush when it’s dark. It freaks me out. Big time. And of course to make things worse, we got caught in rain and intense fog. ‘Cause, you know, what goes better with a creepy dark forest than some eery fog?! Ohhh and let’s not forget that I also almost stepped on a huge crayfish and what looked like a baby snake. Hmmm, now I think there was just one more thing – oh that’s right, I GOT POOPED ON BY A BAT. Yeah, that happened. And it was so unbelievably gross. Also, can we all just assume that the ‘when a bird poops on you it’s good luck’ thing is true for bats as well? Yeah? Cool.… View Post

Waterfalls and Sunsets

Hey everyone! Can you believe it’s September already?! Is it just me or has the last couple of weeks flown by??? Like, can time slow down for a little bit and let me catch up! Anywho, here is the post I promised you last week all about my adventures from the weekend before. So my boyfriend, Ryan, and I headed out on yet another waterfall adventure. I know, I’m amazed we haven’t explored every single waterfall in the Goldcoast by now either, but to my surprise there were a couple of busier waterfalls that we had overlooked. In case you haven’t read my Byron Bay post, one of the main reasons we go exploring so often (besides the fact that I LOVE it), is because Ryan does landscape/adventure photography as a hobby. So we tend to stay away from busier locations because, for some reason, people like to get in the way of our photos… No joke, we’ll have the camera and tripod set up and then BAM someone walks in front. Like, Really?! Ha! However, after searching this waterfall on instagram, the views looked so good that we had no other choice but to hop in the car and go exploring. Aaaaaaand I’m am SO glad we did. Look. At. That.   Not even five minutes into the track and you have views like that!     Look at this bad boy. Now THAT is a waterfall. I really loved how this track was scenic the whole way through; mini waterfalls and amazing views scattered everywhere. The track was also fairly easy which was super convenient as time was not on our side that afternoon. In saying that, I’m never too fond of the walk back UP the mountain. My skinny chicken legs (umm muscles please hurry up!) are just not built for it. BUT, the feeling you get after reaching the top, oh man, it’s the best. So, we headed back up the way we came powering up the mountain until we stumbled (quite literally, my chicken legs were jelly by this point) back upon the most perfect little spot, not too far from the start of the track, from where we could enjoy the sunset. And when I say perfect, I mean P-E-R-F-E-C-T. Picture this: standing on top of a gigantic waterfall looking out onto a luscious green blanket of mountains, a sparkling blue ocean on the horizon and… View Post

Chasing Waterfalls in Byron Bay

  A few weeks ago I read a book by Laura Vanderkam called “What Successful People Do on the Weekends” (obsessed with all her books lately, I highly recommend them) and in it she described the importance of planning things to do on the weekends, because you only have a limited number of weekends in your lifetime. Obviously most people work during weekdays so the weekend is their only chance to go make some truly amazing memories… Yet, so many people waste that opportunity! So, when I gave my blog a makeover I decided to add in a Travel tab. This way I can share with you any overseas travels, as well as some of my little weekend adventures. Not only is it a great opportunity for me to write some fun and more personal posts, I thought perhaps sharing some of my adventures will inspire you to make some adventures of your own. This may mean different things for different people, for us it’s going out into nature. If you follow along on my Instagram (@chantelouisee) or my boyfriend, Ryan’s Instagram (@framegrabs) you would know that we love to go exploring, especially if there is waterfalls involved. I love the exercise and the peacefulness that nature gives you and one of Ryan’s hobbies is landscape photography so it’s a win-win! In fact, all of the photos in this post are taken by Ryan – how beautiful are they?!  If you do want to live a healthier lifestyle, definitely try to go exploring more often. Besides the fact that it’s great exercise, being surrounded in nature and breathing in all that fresh air gives you a feeling that you just can’t get from the gym. Trying new things and experiencing more of this world (even if it’s just places in and around your hometown – which most of our adventures are) could lead to some of the best moments in your life. We only have so many weekends, make them count!   With all that said, here’s our Byron Bay Adventures: First up – here’s a little video I made to show you our day in a nutshell, for those of you that follow me on insta you would have seen this already. Oh and ignore the terrible quality, filming was entirely spontaneous and I only had my little digital camera, BUT it was all just too pretty not too share.… View Post

The Bali Diaries: Part 2

  Here it is – the second and final part to my Bali diaries series (click here if you missed Part 1). We spent the second week of our trip in this B-E-A-UTIFUL (If you read that in the voice of Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty, we can totally be friends) private villa in Seminyak.  It had the most gorgeous kitchen, living and dining area that opened out onto the pool and sun beds and then each couple had their own bedroom and ensuite. Photo taken by Ryan A.K.A @framegrabs Two words for you – OUTDOOR BATHROOMS. Firstly, don’t worry, it was our own personal bathroom and there were tall (thankfully) walls separating it from the rest of the house, in other words, no-one saw your junk. So yeah, as long as it’s private, I’m a big fan of the outdoor bathroom concept. The only issue is trying to do your hair and makeup in 40 degree weather… By the time you’ve finished putting on a little makeup and straightening your hair, all makeup has melted off and your hair resembles Hermione in the earlier sequels of Harry Potter. { Ha, that statue gets me every time. But seriously, the temples are so beautiful. } During our stay in Seminyak we went on a half-day trip to Ubud to visit the Monkey Temple and Tegenungan Waterfall. If you read all about my monkey fiasco in Bingin in Part 1, you would know that monkeys and I are not on good terms. By the end of our time in Bingin my dislike gradually turned into a phobia of monkeys (pathetic, I know), so as we left for Seminyak I was comforted by the fact that monkeys and I would NEVER cross paths again. Heck, the closest I would ever get to monkeys were the cute monkey emoji’s on my phone. Boy, I was wrong. So wrong. Because a week later we went to the MONKEY FOREST. Yep, there’s a whole forest full of them. Even though I was greeted with a sign saying not to scream, panic, run (all of which I was considering) or make eye-contact with the monkeys, as well as the terrifying sight of several monkeys running up a man and a few more chasing a child, I managed to get through it WITHOUT FREAKING OUT (well, not too much, anyways) AND WITHOUT GETTING ATTACKED BY A MONKEY. Please, don’t let my enthusiasm deter you from… View Post

The Bali Diaries: Part 1

Treehouse bungalow. On a cliff. Overlooking the ocean. Yep, that was my home for a whole week. GUYS LOOK AT THAT VIEW. Ugh. So pretty. Such a vast difference to my current state – sleep deprived as a result of an early wakeup (early as in 3am early – unfortunately my study couldn’t do itself in my absence) and an 8am nutrition exam.  In the attempt to distract myself from another large pile of study that wants my attention, I figured why not share some photos of my trip with you all?! If you haven’t been victim to my #balispam over on instagram (@chantelouisee), then let me catch you up – I was in Bali, Indonesia, all of last week and the week before with my boyfriend, Ryan as well as his parents and their family friends.  In the first week of our trip we stayed at Villa Mu in Bingin and then in the second week we stayed in a private villa in Seminyak. BUT seeing as I take a BILLION photos, I’m going to have to break the trip into two blog posts. Part 1 is the first half of our trip – our time in Bingin. Ok, enough talking for now, let’s just get into the photos! Photo taken by @framegrabs   { An infinity pool looking out onto the ocean! I pretty much lived in this pool for the entire week… But can you blame me?! }   { SO. MUCH. CUTENESS. We were sitting around the pool and the owner’s three dogs were in love with Ryan. Obviously you can only see two of them here, but soon after I took this picture, the third dog ran up to compete for his attention. }   Photo taken by @framegrabs { When the lighting is this pretty you can’t not take advantage of it ha! Also obsessed with these mosquito nets that hang over the bed… so cute! }   Photo taken by @framegrabs { The view of some of the other bungalows from our little balcony. }   100 points if you can guess the story behind this picture…. Nothing? Ok, time for a little story… OUR VILLA GOT RANSACKED BY MONKEYS. Yep, that actually happened. One day we walk into our room to see all our stuff (mainly mine, cheers monkeys) chewed, thrown around the room (and out the window), ripped apart and in the case of my electric shaver, stolen. And as you can see from… View Post