My Workout Routine + You Don’t Have To Be Sporty To Be Healthy

Hey guys!

How excited are you for this long weekend?!

Even though I have a tonne of study to do, I am one happy chappy because: 1) I am now on my mid-semester uni break A.K.A no classes for a whole entire week, 2) I got the results back for my first exam for this semester and I got a high distinction YAY, 3) I just finished up the last of the pracs for one of my more challenging courses (biochemistry / molecular biology) this semester which means no more sexy lab coats and safety goggles for me ha!

So I kicked off the long weekend by doing an outdoor workout with my mum and testing out my new camera. This year I’ve actually really been loving working out outdoors. I think it’s the combo of the fresh air and nature that always makes me feel calm and clear-headed. And if you know me, you’d know that calm doesn’t always come easy to me lol. Basically, exercising outdoors is like a daily chill pill. I love it.

Anyways, during my walk, I decided that I should share with you guys my workout routines as well as a misconception about what it is to be healthy and fit.

Let’s start with the latter first. Get comfy, because this requires a little story.

Ok, SO, the weirdest thing happened. Growing up I played in all kinds of sports and excelled at all of them but once I got to high school it was like every bit of athletic talent I had vanished into thin air. No really, suddenly I went from the girl that would be asked to stay behind in netball to play for the team above her to the girl that would get hit in the head by the ball, get picked last to be on teams and would be forced to play touch rugby only to run away from the ball. I hated sports and they hated me. I was basically the real-life Mia Thermopolis, frizzy hair and all. You know, the yoga-doing, wall-climbing kind of girl (except I’m not that great at yoga either lol, but hopefully that will change soon because my mum just became a certified yoga teacher – SO cool). It wasn’t until late high school and the year after graduating that I was faced with illness and a body that had hit rock bottom. Suddenly, I had no other choice but to rebuild my body through nutrition and exercise. But at that point, I was so used to being this ‘uncoordinated girl that despised sport’ that I didn’t feel like I could ever be healthy and fit.… View Post

10 Ways To Workout Without A Gym Membership

I used to go to the gym all the time, I even had a personal trainer (who was amazing), but dang the gym can be expensive, especially when you’re a student and already having to save for so many other things. Nowadays I don’t have a gym membership, but I always get a good workout in. If you can fit a gym membership into your budget, great. If not, I’ve got ya’ back:


I feel like Youtube is the answer to everything these days ha! Seriously though, if you want a good muscle-strengthening workout, get onto youtube. There’s a video for any kind of workout and a lot of them are run by people with qualifications who will give you lots of great tips. As you guys already know by now, my fave workouts are from the Tone It Up girls!



My main goal this year is to be fit and strong. If you saw my ‘Happy New Year’ post, you would know that my health took a pretty big hit last year, along with my fitness levels. Over the past few months I’ve slowly (very slowly) been improving my stamina through cardio, but now that I can do so I am going to be focusing on getting my strength back- I’m talking yoga, weights and resistance training! And of course there’s nothing like a cute workout outfit to get you in the exercising mood. So I figured why not share with you some of the activewear I have my eye on! I personally love rewarding myself with a new item after achieving one of my fitness goals. It’s a great way to give yourself that extra bit of motivation 😉 What are your fitness must-haves?! x Scroll through to see all my faves:

13 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work Out

{Photo taken by my boyfriend, Ryan – you can find his amazing scenery photography on instagram at @framegrabs}     Welcome to the Silly Season, the time of year where exercising goes out the window. Fortunately I have compiled a list of ways to motivate yourself to workout, not only throughout the christmas break but all-year-round!   Exercise in the morning. By doing your workouts first thing in the morning you don’t give your other responsibilities the chance to take your workout time away from you. Plus, sometimes after a long day at work/uni/school, exercising is the last thing on your mind. Try setting your alarm an hour earlier a few times a week so that you can fit in time for a workout. I find this is especially great in the summer months as it’s the coolest time of the day.   Change up your workouts. Doing the same workout all the time can sometimes get a bit boring, so shake things up a bit! Alternate between different types of exercising; there are plenty to choose from – running, walking, gym, resistance training, yoga, pilates, surfing, rock-climbing, swimming, hiking, dancing and even joining a sports team. Not only does this keep things exciting, but a greater variety of workouts will give you the chance to work out more muscle groups. Bonus!   Create a mood board. Create a positive mood board of all your goals and hopes for the future and be sure to include pictures that promote a healthy lifestyle. Now, place this mood board somewhere near your bed so that you can see it as soon as you wake up in the morning. Being reminded of your health and fitness goals first thing in the morning will definitely make you want to jump out of bed and reach for your sneakers.   Prepare the night before. On days that you plan to workout, lay out your exercise clothing along with your sneakers and anything else you may need to work out (headphones, water bottle etc.) the night before so when you wake up everything is ready to go. I find the less effort it takes to get ready, the more likely I am to exercise!   Reward yourself. Give yourself little rewards at the end of every week if you have completed all your workouts for that week. Now these rewards don’t have to be big, they… View Post