10 Healthy Holiday Appetisers

December is by far my favourite month of the year because not only is it the start of Summer here in Australia but also, CHRISTMAS. Give me Will Ferrel dressed as an elf, Michael Bublé, some sticky date pudding, and I am one very happy gal. And what better way to start off the festiveness than by sharing 10 healthy holiday appetisers that I can’t wait to make this season!

Cheesy Spinach Balls by Sweet as Honey

When I said I couldn’t wait to make these recipes, I wasn’t kidding – I’ve already cooked these cheesy spinach balls! Now, I’m not typically a fan of spinach, but I think these need a permanent name change to ‘amazeballs’. They tasted so. damn. good. Plus they contain a whole bunch of spinach so they’re loaded with Vitamin A and K.

Tip: pair this with a homemade tomato sauce because not only will it taste amazing, but the vitamin C from the tomatoes will increase the absorption of iron from the spinach!… View Post

My Favourite Health and Wellness Apps


It’s been too long.

As you know I’m heading into the homestretch of my degree which means a LOT of study. In fact, I actually had the first of my exams this morning and I feel like it went really well! I am so relieved ha! Now I just have two more exams to go (biochemistry and physiology) and then I can focus on this blog and my other projects again and I cannot flippin’ wait!!

Anyways, lately there have been several health and wellness app that I’ve been loving and naturally, I had to share them with you:

MyFitnessPal //

Ok so you guys have heard me talk about this one manyyyyy times before but it’s making another appearance. I’m not into strictly counting calories or tracking macros because I think it can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food and to be honest, it’s really not necessary for a healthy lifestyle. However, sometimes tracking these things are necessary in weight gain/loss and I love how MyFitnessPal takes the pressure off of it and does it for you. I also think it’s super handy when you sync this app up to the health app that comes on iPhones, along with the other apps I’m about to share with you guys because then you can start finding correlations between your food and mood! … View Post

Healthy Breakfast Recipes For Spring/Summer

Days by the sea. The sunshine on your skin. Impromptu outdoor barbecues. Christmas songs on repeat. I don’t know about you, but I am SO excited for the warmer seasons. And one of my favourite things of all? The food. With the changing seasons comes fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables to experiment with. So, with that said, today I’m sharing with you all my favourite easy-to-make, healthy breakfast recipes to get you in the mood for Spring/Summer.… View Post

My 10 Favourite Instagram Foodies

Hello friends! (said in >>Ava Ryan’s voice<< at about 1:40 into the video - but you have to watch the whole thing cause this little girl is so freakin' cute) One of my favourite types of accounts to follow on Instagram is foodie accounts. ....Because, well, it’s food. Do I really need to say more?! Foodie accounts are THE BEST for meal ideas, particularly when they’re healthy, and they always get me in the mood to do a little cooking and experimenting with new recipes. Aaaand while I'm in awe of meals that look like works of art, I find myself most inspired by foodies who share simpler every day meals - you know, recipes you could actually make on a day-to-day basis. So, I thought I'd share ten of my favourite insta foodies so they can give you guys as much inspiration as they do me! … View Post

August Health & Beauty Favourites

GUYS IT’S SPRING! Or should I say Fall for those of you on the other side of the hemisphere 😉 Despite the fact that I have SO much assessment due, I’m surprisingly chipper ha. I think it’s because a new month always makes me excited and also, I can’t wait for the weather to start warming up! Anywhooo, I’ve decided to do a monthly favourite because there were so many products I was loving in the month of August and well, it would just be plain rude not to share.… View Post