Wednesday Wisdom

Happy Wednesday guys! One of the biggest lessons I have learnt is to work on the mind as much as I do my body. The great thing is we can do this anywhere, anytime 🙂 Here’s a challenge for you all this week – pay attention to the quality of your thoughts. Are they beneficial to you and your growth? Are you creating a calming or stressful environment for yourself? Are you being too critical or negative on yourself? How can you change your thoughts so that they align with the best version of you? I hope you’re all having a wonderful week! xx… View Post

Health & Wellness: The Balance Between Structure & Flexibility

If someone were to ask me what I’ve found most challenging in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it would have to be finding that sweet spot between structure and flexibility. A little bit of structure can help us form and maintain healthy habits whilst a little bit of flexibility in our mindset can help us maintain a healthy relationship with food and exercise. The thing is, sometimes we find ourselves leaning too much either way. Either we get swept up in being structured where we start to place too many restrictions on ourselves and get frustrated when we don’t eat ‘perfectly’ or we get swept up in being overly flexible to the point of complacency and we find ourselves slowly falling off the health bandwagon. To be honest, I have most certainly been in both of these places before… A couples of times actually ha! So, I thought I would list a few little tips and tricks for you guys to get you back to the sweet spot for whenever you feel like you’ve lost your way.… View Post

On My Radar: Healthy Recipes

I’M BACK! Yep, you guys are stuck with me now because all my assessment is DONE and I can now dedicate so much more time to this lil’ blog – YAY. To kick things off, let’s start to by talking about one of our fave things – food 😉 So lately I’ve found myself in bit of a food slump where I struggle to think of meals to make. It always happens to me after a busy few weeks because I find myself sticking to the same few meals that I find easiest and quickest to cook (which definitely isn’t the best – we should be aiming for variety in our diets!). Anyways, I did a little searching for healthy meals and I had to share with you some of the yummy recipes I found. Maybe it will give you guys some foodie inspo too!… View Post

Wednesday Wisdom

Aaaand the Wednesday Wisdom’s are back – YAY! I love love love this quote by Daniell Koepke and I just had to share it with you guys. Always know that you are enough <3 Wishing you all a happy Wednesday! xx… View Post

How To Stay Healthy During University

Fun fact: I’m dressed as a pirate whilst I write this. I kid you not. I have this thing where I like to wear costumes when I write my blog posts… JOKING, I’m off to my cousin’s third birthday party and as you have probably guessed, it’s a pirate theme. But I wanted to start this post before I left! Anywho, feel free to read this in a pirate voice if that makes you happy. No judgement here.

On to today’s post – how to stay healthy during university (but most of these apply for school too!). At this stage in your life you’re starting to gain more independence, a bigger workload and a pile of responsibilities. There’s a lot of adjusting. And one of the biggest adjustments is your eating and exercising habits. Often not for the better either – there’s less exercising, plenty of all-nighters and more alcohol, coffee and junk food. But the thing is, there’s two big reasons why we should be trying to build healthier habits during university. Firstly, it’s this time in our lives where forming healthy habits is vital because it can set us up for the rest of our adulthood. Secondly, a healthy lifestyle during university can mean better grades. Think about it, you won’t get sick as much, you’ll stress less, you’ll have more energy, you’ll concentrate better – all of which lead to good grades. And yeah, university may seem synonymous with unhealthy habits, but it’s not inevitable; there’s actually plenty of little things we can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst at university.

1 // Exercise whilst you study

There are so many ways to get in your exercise whilst studying at the same time. If you have a friend in one of your classes why not meet up and discuss the class notes whilst you’re walking? There’s also a number of ways you can listen to class material whilst you exercise: download a lecture onto your phone and listen to it as you exercise; record yourself reading your notes and listen to it; or if you have a mac, copy and paste your material onto the ‘Notes’ app, highlight your material and ‘add to iTunes as a spoken track’. If you’re not in the mood to listen to anything, simply just go over the content in your head and pretend you’re teaching it to someone. Better yet, if you’re exercising with a loved one who won’t mind you rambling on about it, tell them! Who knows, you might be able to teach them something new! … View Post