Monday Update

LIFE // Today’s public holiday meant for a long weekend – YAY! This weekend, as well as last weekend, I’ve been with Ryan and his family down the coast, which has meant lots of beach time. And it couldn’t have come at a better time seeing as we were in a heatwave and the temperatures where I live in Brisbane got up to 39 degrees celcius! The photos above were from last weekend when it was just Ryan and I but yesterday we were joined by Ryan’s sister and her husband and their adorable one-year old twins (those of you who follow me on insta have probably seen their cute little faces on my insta stories ). Although I have a lot of work to do I’ve been trying not to let it encroach on my weekends too much – I always struggle with the work/rest balance this time of year. But I’m determined to try and finish the year healthy and strong rather than run down.  Plus, it always feels like the time from October until New Year flies by so I want to be more present for it.… View Post

A Little Monday Motivation…

HAPPY MONDAY GUYS! Here’s your dose of motivation to help you kick-start the week on a positive note. Let’s all try to be a little kinder, a little wiser and take care of our body and minds whilst hustlin’ our way to our goals.

P.S. Keep ya’ eyes peeled because I have new blog posts on their way! This last week has been bit of a blur (uni has been mentally taking it’s toll ha) and I took my own advice and gave myself time off this weekend to rest and revive. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!

xx… View Post

My Feelings On Kindness & Some Things I’ve Learnt

Ok so lately something has been on my mind and that something is kindness. Or, I suppose, a lack there of?

For me, kindness has always been high up on the priority list, I didn’t care if it wasn’t considered “cool” or not, it was a quality I’ve always wanted to possess. But recently, I’ve gone from thinking about kindness from a shallow perspective to one that runs much deeper. And believe it or not, this was all spurred on by a lil’ altercation I had with someone over instagram DM’s haha!

Long story short, this women was being super rude to me and although I was upset about the situation I was proud of myself for handling it gracefully (come on girls lets uplift eachother and not pull each other down!). Anyways, the funny thing was her instagram feed portrayed a person that was exceptionally kind; she even had the phrase ‘good vibes’ written in her bio. How ironic right?!

…And then it occurred to me, she’s not alone, I’ve known several people to be not-so-kind despite declaring across social media how important it is to be kind… Now, don’t get me wrong, I am ALL for promoting kindness, but it’s almost as if their kindness comes with terms and conditions?

This got me thinking – how many of us can actually say we show unconditional kindness? Because I know I can’t. I may not reserve my kindness in the same way these other people do, but hey I find it SO damn hard to be kind to people that haven’t shown me kindness. Oh, look what we have here, terms and conditions. But I think most of us have terms and conditions of some sort. When you stop and look around you notice a lot of people are only kind to the people they like or relate to, but c’mon that’s easy. The real challenge is showing kindness regardless of how people treat you, regardless of any jealousy you have towards someone, regardless of stereotypes, regardless of occupations, regardless of cultural differences, regardless of age, etc.… View Post

August Health & Beauty Favourites

GUYS IT’S SPRING! Or should I say Fall for those of you on the other side of the hemisphere 😉 Despite the fact that I have SO much assessment due, I’m surprisingly chipper ha. I think it’s because a new month always makes me excited and also, I can’t wait for the weather to start warming up! Anywhooo, I’ve decided to do a monthly favourite because there were so many products I was loving in the month of August and well, it would just be plain rude not to share.… View Post

BTS: Bristle & Bones Photoshoot

Happy Sunday everyone! How’s your weekend going?? I’m spending this weekend with Ryan which is consisting of lots of rest, blogging and night photography adventures (you know, chasing the milkyway, cause everyone does that right?!). Basically I’m doing everything besides what I should be doing: my uni work ha! Anywho, this time last week things were a little bit different, I was at a photoshoot with Bristle & Bones (you might remember them from this post here) and today I’m going to show you what we got up to! 

As you have probably already guessed, the shoot was 70’s inspired and I absolutely loved it. The big hair. The velvet. The flares. 70s Perfection. Now let’s discuss the deets.… View Post