How To Be A Morning Person

How to be a morning person. Healthy Breakfast.

Hello everyone!

I hope the New Year is treating you well! I took some time to regroup and plan and I am now ready to attack this blog with so many posts to help you kick butt in 2017.

Which, brings me to today’s post… How to be a morning person! If there’s anything I’ve totally kicked butt at this year it’s being a morning person. Ok, so I’ve always woken up relatively early (6-7am) but it was never consistent and it definitely wasn’t as early as I would have liked (4:30-5am). Even when I did wake up earlier, it was nearly always difficult and involved repeatedly hitting the snooze button. Not anymore! I’m up at 5am on the dot every single day and I actually look forward to it. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I don’t even press snooze. I know, I’m shocked too.

So, you guys might remember how one of my goals last year was to learn everything I could about time management and productivity. Throughout all my reading, there was one little habit that always popped up and that was waking up early. I can totally see why. There is something about making the most of your daylight hours, especially those early in the morning where your body has the most energy, that sets the tone for the rest of the day. For me personally, I get so much more done everyday, I do all my exercise, spend more time with loved ones, get in a healthy breakfast (sometimes two ha!) and I will sometimes even set aside some time for myself to work on personal goals or do things I enjoy.

If you’d like to know how to conquer that damn snooze button and become a morning person too, here are all my tips:


Super obvious, I know, but if you want to get in enough hours of sleep then you have to go to bed earlier. Although going to bed early feels really strange at first, once you start waking up earlier you’ll find that you will naturally go to bed early anyways because you tire sooner.


I’m almost certain I’ve pressed the snooze button in my sleep before. You know when you’re in that daze where you’re kind of awake but you’re still dead to the world and you have no idea what year it is? Well if my phone is next to my bed I will press snooze whilst I’m in that state and I won’t even remember doing it. The trick is to place your phone or alarm clock somewhere where you will have to actually GET UP OUT OF BED to turn it off. Besides, getting out of bed is the hardest part, once you’re up things get a lot easier.

Here’s two other tricks that can make the getting-out-of-bed process a little easier:

  • If you want to wake up in a good mood, set your alarm tone to a feel good song that makes you want to dance. I would share mine, buuuuuut it’s a little embarrassing. *suspense*
  • If you’re really struggling to get out of bed count to three. Ok, so this is a little weird, but it always works on me. In your mind, promise yourself that you’re going to count to three and then just hop out of bed and then before you’ve had time to think about it, do just that. If you take it seriously, the countdown doesn’t leave any time for procrastination and you feel as though you have no other choice but to get out of bed!


So I know some people like to gradually wake up earlier until they reach their goal time to wake up, but I prefer to go cold turkey. Decide on a time and stick to it. I’m not going to lie, it might hurt the first week or so, but trust me, it gets easier. After waking up so early your body tires sooner in the evening and so you’re going to bed earlier which means it’s going to naturally wake up earlier the next morning. See the cycle? This becomes even easier if you’re waking up at the same time every morning because your body begins to recognise the routine and it quickly becomes a habit.


Our bodies’ internal clock is sensitive to lightness and darkness, so make sure you get some bright light first thing in the morning so your body knows it’s time to wake up. A great way to wake up with the sun is to just simply leave your blinds up during the night so the sunshine can come through during the morning.


Morning people are happy people. As you can guess from this subheading, the fastest way to a positive attitude is gratitude. Every morning think of five things you are grateful for. This will give you the motivation to seize as much of your day as possible, you won’t even want to press snooze.

“A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset. When you wake up, take a second to think about what a privilege it is to simply be alive & healthy. The moment we start acting like life is a blessing I assure you it will start to feel like one.”

How to be a morning person. Tea and Gratitude.


When you’re first trying to become a morning person, these first 15 minutes might involve a lot of stumbling and groaning. So, whilst your in this state do something easy until you wake up. Perhaps stumble along to the kitchen and drink a glass of water and prepare tea/coffee/smoothie until you properly wake up. However, don’t feel as though you need caffeine to wake up in the morning, movement and light work just as well! Perhaps take your drink outside into the sun?


The reason why I suggested drinking a glass of water in the previous tip is because water itself can actually help to increase your alertness and energy. Besides, it’s important to prevent dehydration as this comes with low energy and we don’t want that now do we?!


Get moving. I don’t know about you, but exercise is my version of caffeine (my body thinks it’s fun to self-destruct if I have actual caffeine). Seriously though, nothing quite wakes you up like getting that heart pumping and those endorphins going. Not only does it increase your energy, it puts you in the best mood and you can be proud knowing that you’re one step closer to improving your health and fitness levels. Tip: Go exercise outdoors! Not only does the exercise wake you up, so does the bright light (remember?!).


So, waking up early is a lot harder when you don’t have a reason to. Why do you want to wake up early? If you remind yourself of the why’s then you can keep up the motivation. You could even set aside a small reward each morning to help you get out of bed. For example, your favourite breaky or time to read your favourite book/blog. What would make getting out of bed a little easier?


Waking up earlier means you’ll have more time to prepare a healthy breakfast to keep you energised until lunch. This makes a huge difference to how you feel throughout the day. Plus, who doesn’t look forward to food?!

How to be a morning person. Healthy Breakfast and organising

[Find the recipe for my quinoa porridge here]


Create a playlist of all the songs that make you happy and play this every morning to get you energised for the day ahead. What are your fave songs at the moment!? Comment down below! I need some inspo!


Routines just help everything run smoother. Night routines are a great way to let your body know it’s time to wind down and they often improve your sleep. I would also recommend staying away from any stimulants in food/drink and reducing the time spent on technology for a great night’s sleep. Morning routines, on the other hand, signal your body that it’s time to start the day, they allow you to make the most of your mornings and they give you something to look forward to. Why not include some of the above tips into your morning routine?

Here are some ideas of activities to include for the ultimate healthy morning routine.


Getting up early gives you a head start to the day. I always feels so productive by the time most other people are waking up and this typically continues throughout my day. Consequently, I usually end up finishing all my tasks earlier on in the day and I have more down time in the evenings (and I can get to bed at a reasonable time, of course).


Ahh where do I even begin. Everything is so still and the rising sun casts a beautiful golden glow. I would definitely recommend getting outdoors if you can. Perhaps go for a walk around the neighbourhood with a partner/friend/family member? Or enjoy the sunrise whilst eating your breakfast on the balcony? Or even just make sure to open the blinds/curtains and enjoy the view and let in the sunshine?

How to be a morning person. Watch the sunrise.

[How magical are sunrises?! If only this was my view every morning ha!]

I hope these tips help you to conquer the snooze button once and for all! The mornings really are such a beautiful time of the day and being a morning person comes with so many benefits. I know  it might be difficult in the beginning, but all great things are so stick with it until it becomes easy (which it will, I promise). If you have any other tips yourself, feel free to comment below! xx

Chante Louise




  1. January 21, 2017 / 12:11 am

    I’m definitely not a morning person but I try really hard to be. These are all great tips I have never thought of before. Thanks for sharing!

  2. January 20, 2017 / 1:22 pm

    Love all these tips!! I am already a morning person but you make me even want to wake up a little earlier after reading all these. PS. I love your blog its gorgeous!! Keep it up sweetie xx


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