How To Deal With An Unexpected Breakup

Breakups suck. Especially when they’re unexpected, out-of-character and done via one measly little text. No conversation, no coherent reasoning, no nothing.

You’re left wondering what happened. Where did it all go wrong? It felt like it was only yesterday that we were talking in future tense and exchanging ‘I love you’.

And now this.

The person you loved and who supposedly loved you for all these years is nothing but a stranger.

Until two weeks ago, I never truly knew what heartbreak felt like. I can’t say I’m a fan. But I’m determined to take this pain and channel it into something useful, hence why you’re reading this. I may not understand what leads someone to do a Jekyll and Hyde, but I’ve learnt a lot of lessons along the way; lessons that might hopefully help one of you if you’re going through heartbreak.… View Post

My Favourite Health and Wellness Apps


It’s been too long.

As you know I’m heading into the homestretch of my degree which means a LOT of study. In fact, I actually had the first of my exams this morning and I feel like it went really well! I am so relieved ha! Now I just have two more exams to go (biochemistry and physiology) and then I can focus on this blog and my other projects again and I cannot flippin’ wait!!

Anyways, lately there have been several health and wellness app that I’ve been loving and naturally, I had to share them with you:

MyFitnessPal //

Ok so you guys have heard me talk about this one manyyyyy times before but it’s making another appearance. I’m not into strictly counting calories or tracking macros because I think it can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food and to be honest, it’s really not necessary for a healthy lifestyle. However, sometimes tracking these things are necessary in weight gain/loss and I love how MyFitnessPal takes the pressure off of it and does it for you. I also think it’s super handy when you sync this app up to the health app that comes on iPhones, along with the other apps I’m about to share with you guys because then you can start finding correlations between your food and mood! … View Post

A Sunrise & A Denim Dress

Feelin’ a liiiittle like a zombie and not in a cute Halloween way, more like in a ‘uni assessment has taken over my life’ kind of way ha! But I’m SO close to finishing my degree now YAY. Just bear with me for the next month 😉 And to any of you also going through assessment at the moment – GOODLUCK! I believe in you!

As you may have noticed, Ryan and I haven’t been on one of our sunrise adventures for what feels like forever so the weekend before last we did just that. We decided to go to Nudgee beach because I did a shoot there a few years ago and I remembered it being a great sunrise spot! We left the house just before 4:30am (dedication ha!) thinking we would have plenty of time to get there but little did we know google maps would hate us AND there would be a ton of roadworks. Luckily, we made it juuuuust in time. Just. And oh my goodness, how pretty is it?! Look at the reflections in the water! Ugh I love sunrises. If you’re ever feeling stressed, get up early one morning and watch the sunrise – it always makes me feel better!… View Post

Healthy Breakfast Recipes For Spring/Summer

Days by the sea. The sunshine on your skin. Impromptu outdoor barbecues. Christmas songs on repeat. I don’t know about you, but I am SO excited for the warmer seasons. And one of my favourite things of all? The food. With the changing seasons comes fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables to experiment with. So, with that said, today I’m sharing with you all my favourite easy-to-make, healthy breakfast recipes to get you in the mood for Spring/Summer.… View Post

Monday Update

LIFE // Today’s public holiday meant for a long weekend – YAY! This weekend, as well as last weekend, I’ve been with Ryan and his family down the coast, which has meant lots of beach time. And it couldn’t have come at a better time seeing as we were in a heatwave and the temperatures where I live in Brisbane got up to 39 degrees celcius! The photos above were from last weekend when it was just Ryan and I but yesterday we were joined by Ryan’s sister and her husband and their adorable one-year old twins (those of you who follow me on insta have probably seen their cute little faces on my insta stories ). Although I have a lot of work to do I’ve been trying not to let it encroach on my weekends too much – I always struggle with the work/rest balance this time of year. But I’m determined to try and finish the year healthy and strong rather than run down.  Plus, it always feels like the time from October until New Year flies by so I want to be more present for it.… View Post