OOTD + How To Be Happy

Well hello there guys! How has your week been?!

Do you know those weeks where everything has just been a blur and your brain is ALL over the place? That was this week. BUT I did manage to escape my study/work on Tuesday for a deeeeeelicious lunch (I actually can’t remember the last time I had an acai bowl… SO overdue) with my mum and of course I took a few snaps of my outfit for you guys.

Anyways, I thought I would share with you a quote I came across earlier this week (those of you who follow me on insta @chantelouisee will have already seen this):

“Your life is right now. It’s not later. It’s not in that time of retirement. It’s not when the lover gets here. It’s not when you’ve moved into the new house. It’s not when you get the better job. Your life is right now. It will always be right now. You might as well decide to start enjoying your life right now, because it’s not ever going to get better than right now—until it gets better right now. the way you’re responding emotionally to your life right now, is the basis of what is to come.” – Abraham Hicks

This quote could not have come at a better time for me. I’m super ambitious, which I love, buuuuut sometimes I get a tad impatient. Ok, perhaps a little more than a tad. Basically, I want it all, and I want it all now ha! However, this reminded me to keep my feet firmly placed in this present moment whilst I work towards creating the things I want for my future. There is never any point in wasting the present moment wishing for moments ahead. After all, life is never not happening right now.… View Post

The Low-down on Detoxes

Ok, lets’ talk detoxes. Is it an actual thing or just a gimmick?!

I don’t know about you guys, but I see people doing juice cleanses and tea detoxes ALLLLLLL over insta and it kind of annoys me ha, here’s why: our bodies already detox. Yep, that’s right. The human body has a ridiculously complex and sophisticated intrinsic detoxification system. In fact, it’s detoxing right now as we speak. No fancy juices or teas needed 😉

Now, I’ve been questioning whether or not to actually write this post, because as I said before, our body’s detoxification is complex. It’s a total nutritional rabbit hole. BUT, because I have seen so many people attempting detoxes, I felt I should at least write something on the matter, even if it is only a brief and simplified explanation. … View Post

Daisy Dukes and D&M’s

Hi friends!

Sorry for being a little quiet on the blog this past week but I have good reasons, I promise: 1) uni started back and 2) I’ve been busy working on my little project I keep hinting about which I cannot wait to show you guys! I must say though, this project is taking up much more time than I expected, but I’m sure it will all be worth it in the end. And of course when I start working on something, I tend to fixate on it and forget about my other responsibilities haha, so I’m trying to find more balance now that uni has started back.

So, as you could imagine, for the last few days I’ve been a lil’ bit boring; I’ve been glued to my computer working/studying or in a lab lol. BUT, last weekend I did go down to the coast to where Ryan lives (unfortunately we’ve always lived about an hour away from each other) and shocker, we went on a little sunrise adventure early Sunday morning. On the drive down to the beach we were a little unsure as to whether or not it would be worth it because as the beach drew near, so did gloomy rain clouds! Call me crazy, but I thought the rain clouds added a little something extra. They made it more interesting; beautiful, even.

Perhaps it’s just the long week talking here, but I like to think that goes for us as people too. … View Post

Why You Need Hygge In Your Life

Hey guys, so I’m letting you in on one of my biggest loves: Hygge (pronounced “hoo-ga” in English… I know, I was surprised too ha). The very first book I read this year was ‘The Little Book Of Hygge: The Danish Way To Live Well’ by Meik Wiking (who is the founder of The Happiness Research Institute of Copenhagen) and I fell in love with the Danish concept of Hygge. Those of you who aren’t Danish may be asking yourself the same question as I did, ‘what on earth is a hygge’?! The thing is, Hygge isn’t an object or something that can be bought, it’s a feeling, a way of being. Although capturing it’s essence in a different language is difficult (hence a whole book being written on it), it is about savouring the moment, enjoying life’s simple pleasures and carving out a little bit of happiness in everyday life. You know those moments where you feel all cozy, happy and thankful? That’s hygge. … View Post

10 Ways To Workout Without A Gym Membership

I used to go to the gym all the time, I even had a personal trainer (who was amazing), but dang the gym can be expensive, especially when you’re a student and already having to save for so many other things. Nowadays I don’t have a gym membership, but I always get a good workout in. If you can fit a gym membership into your budget, great. If not, I’ve got ya’ back:


I feel like Youtube is the answer to everything these days ha! Seriously though, if you want a good muscle-strengthening workout, get onto youtube. There’s a video for any kind of workout and a lot of them are run by people with qualifications who will give you lots of great tips. As you guys already know by now, my fave workouts are from the Tone It Up girls!