How To Stay Healthy During University

Fun fact: I’m dressed as a pirate whilst I write this. I kid you not. I have this thing where I like to wear costumes when I write my blog posts… JOKING, I’m off to my cousin’s third birthday party and as you have probably guessed, it’s a pirate theme. But I wanted to start this post before I left! Anywho, feel free to read this in a pirate voice if that makes you happy. No judgement here.

On to today’s post – how to stay healthy during university (but most of these apply for school too!). At this stage in your life you’re starting to gain more independence, a bigger workload and a pile of responsibilities. There’s a lot of adjusting. And one of the biggest adjustments is your eating and exercising habits. Often not for the better either – there’s less exercising, plenty of all-nighters and more alcohol, coffee and junk food. But the thing is, there’s two big reasons why we should be trying to build healthier habits during university. Firstly, it’s this time in our lives where forming healthy habits is vital because it can set us up for the rest of our adulthood. Secondly, a healthy lifestyle during university can mean better grades. Think about it, you won’t get sick as much, you’ll stress less, you’ll have more energy, you’ll concentrate better – all of which lead to good grades. And yeah, university may seem synonymous with unhealthy habits, but it’s not inevitable; there’s actually plenty of little things we can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst at university.

1 // Exercise whilst you study

There are so many ways to get in your exercise whilst studying at the same time. If you have a friend in one of your classes why not meet up and discuss the class notes whilst you’re walking? There’s also a number of ways you can listen to class material whilst you exercise: download a lecture onto your phone and listen to it as you exercise; record yourself reading your notes and listen to it; or if you have a mac, copy and paste your material onto the ‘Notes’ app, highlight your material and ‘add to iTunes as a spoken track’. If you’re not in the mood to listen to anything, simply just go over the content in your head and pretend you’re teaching it to someone. Better yet, if you’re exercising with a loved one who won’t mind you rambling on about it, tell them! Who knows, you might be able to teach them something new! … View Post

Wednesday Wisdom

Yep, I’m definitely going to be using this quote as this month’s motivation! May, get ready for some major butt kickin’. Also, how on earth is it May already?!? I swear it was March last week…

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful day xxx… View Post

How To Be Positive

I’m usually a positive person, but I’ve felt as though my thoughts have been veering on the negative side this year. Not cool. You guys know how much I value a healthy mind – I believe it’s just as important as a healthy body. And one of the ways in which I achieve a healthy mind is through positivity.

A positive mind is something I’ve worked hard on over the past 6 years because truth be told, positivity hasn’t always come naturally to me. When I lose focus on the quality of my thoughts, like I’ve done this year, my inner perfectionist and worry-wart come out to play. But that is about to change. So, today I thought I would share with you guys how I train my mind to be positive, both for your benefit and mine ha!

STEP 1 // Our Thoughts Are Everything

I remember a time when my mind was so clouded by negativity it felt as though I was trapped in it… And then one day it clicked – I can control my thoughts. My thoughts aren’t determined by external and uncontrollable factors, they’re determined by me. I have the power to sift through the thoughts that pop into my mind and detach from any negative thoughts that aren’t useful. And then it occurred to me just how powerful this was. Think about it, thoughts are everything, they are our life – thoughts create our actions, initiate our habits, influence how we react to situations and ultimately, thoughts effect how we perceive the world. It’s this awareness of understanding that we can filter our thoughts to improve our life that breaks us free from feeling like we’re trapped in our negativity. In fact, I believe it’s the first step to positivity.… View Post

Wednesday Wisdom

Oh hey there guys!

How have you all been?! I feel like I haven’t talked to you in forever. I know, I’ve been a little MIA this past week both on here and my insta, I’m sorry! Uni got the better of me; I had biochem assessment, a physiology exam and a DNA cloning assignment all due in less than a week (ahh the life of a final year uni student ha!). Not to mention, every now and then I just get this urge to have a little break from the craziness that is instagram, you know? I feel like we spend so much of our lives nowadays living in this online world, and not enough in the offline world…

Anywho, I saw this quote today and I couldn’t not share it with you all. You guys know that I’m a huge believer in having a healthy mind and I think the first step to doing so is becoming aware of our thoughts. BUT I’m not going to say anymore on this topic because guess what?! My next post may or may not be related to this 😉

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My Workout Routine + You Don’t Have To Be Sporty To Be Healthy

Hey guys!

How excited are you for this long weekend?!

Even though I have a tonne of study to do, I am one happy chappy because: 1) I am now on my mid-semester uni break A.K.A no classes for a whole entire week, 2) I got the results back for my first exam for this semester and I got a high distinction YAY, 3) I just finished up the last of the pracs for one of my more challenging courses (biochemistry / molecular biology) this semester which means no more sexy lab coats and safety goggles for me ha!

So I kicked off the long weekend by doing an outdoor workout with my mum and testing out my new camera. This year I’ve actually really been loving working out outdoors. I think it’s the combo of the fresh air and nature that always makes me feel calm and clear-headed. And if you know me, you’d know that calm doesn’t always come easy to me lol. Basically, exercising outdoors is like a daily chill pill. I love it.

Anyways, during my walk, I decided that I should share with you guys my workout routines as well as a misconception about what it is to be healthy and fit.

Let’s start with the latter first. Get comfy, because this requires a little story.

Ok, SO, the weirdest thing happened. Growing up I played in all kinds of sports and excelled at all of them but once I got to high school it was like every bit of athletic talent I had vanished into thin air. No really, suddenly I went from the girl that would be asked to stay behind in netball to play for the team above her to the girl that would get hit in the head by the ball, get picked last to be on teams and would be forced to play touch rugby only to run away from the ball. I hated sports and they hated me. I was basically the real-life Mia Thermopolis, frizzy hair and all. You know, the yoga-doing, wall-climbing kind of girl (except I’m not that great at yoga either lol, but hopefully that will change soon because my mum just became a certified yoga teacher – SO cool). It wasn’t until late high school and the year after graduating that I was faced with illness and a body that had hit rock bottom. Suddenly, I had no other choice but to rebuild my body through nutrition and exercise. But at that point, I was so used to being this ‘uncoordinated girl that despised sport’ that I didn’t feel like I could ever be healthy and fit.… View Post