Why Being Alone Doesn’t Have To Be Lonely

Whilst I debated doing your typical Valentines Day ‘date ideas’ or ‘gift ideas’, I felt as though that has already been covered enough and to be honest I’m not overly fussed over Valentines Day, hence why I decided to write about something a little bit different… Something that is quite often enhanced around particular holidays and that’s loneliness. I want to show you that being alone doesn’t have to be lonely. In fact, I want to show you how you can use it to your advantage.

Being lonely is a feeling I’ve known well. Spending a couple of my teenage years ill and often confined to my bed, as well being shy and never feeling like I quite fit in, I became very familiar with this strange feeling of loneliness. But do you know what? I turned it into something good. I would even go as far to say that I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for all that alone time.… View Post

Outfit Of The Day | Piers & Milky Ways

Happy weekend guys! I thought I would share with you a few snaps Ryan took from our little adventure last weekend. I’m beginning to question our sanity, as last saturday we woke up at 2:30am in the morning so we could get photos of the milky way and the sunrise… Yep, we were out and about by 3am haha, that’s some serious dedication right there. I am happy to say though that the lack of sleep was well worth it, as you can see (how cool are Ryan’s photos?!). And yes, I do realise both of my ootd posts have consisted of sunrises but can you blame me?? If you haven’t watched a sunrise lately – do it! It always makes me feel so grateful and peaceful. Anywho, I was really digging what I was wearing that day; that or I was simply amazed that I could pull myself together that early in the morning lol. Seriously though, off-the-shoulder tops/dresses and button down skirts are two of my favourite things right now. Oh and layered necklaces, can’t forget about those. And the best part is that both the top and skirt combined was less than $50 😉 I’ve linked both of those exact items below for those of you who are interested! What’s your favourite fashion trend at the moment?!… View Post

What I Eat In A Day

Hey guys!

How has everyone’s week been?! Is it just me or did this week FLY by?? Anyways, I decided to start a ‘What I Eat In A Day’ series! I’m hoping with these posts I can show you guys how simple and easy healthy eating can be. None of these silly detoxes, restrictions, diets and trends, just real food with everything in moderation 🙂 I’ll also include some nutrition tips here and there for those of you who would like that!

Oh and please don’t forget, everyone is different and our food intake will vary according to our genetics, weight, physical activity levels, personal goals and so much more. So please don’t compare quantities etc to me because our bodies and lifestyle aren’t the same. For example, my body does best eating slightly smaller portions, but eating much more frequently throughout the day (I’m hungry every 2 hours haha!) and my personal goal is to put ON weight 🙂

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Link Love

Hello, friends!

How are we all today? I thought I would share with you some health and lifestyle related links I’ve been loving to give you some extra inspiration this week. Besides, all of these posts/videos/podcasts were too good not to share.

Metabolism and the importance of eating enough…

I came across this article a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely LOVE it. Both Robyn and Kath are dietitians with some really great articles on both of their blogs. However, this one in particular really stuck out to me, it’s such a great explanation of why you shouldn’t restrict your calories. In a world of dieting, this message is so important. Restrictions have NO place in a healthy body and mind.… View Post

Outfit Of The Day | Let’s Go To The Beach

Hello friends!

So last weekend Ryan and I were determined to get some sunrise photos, not only for this blog, but also for Ryan’s photography (btw, all these amazing photos were taken by Ryan – best insta/blogger boyfriend haha!). We woke up bright and early Friday morning, 4am to be exact, and quickly (well, the 4am version of quickly) got ready in our half-asleep stupor. We drove to the beach, listening to intense dubstep in an attempt to fully wake up (totally worked), only to be greeted by grey clouds and water droplets inconveniently falling from the sky. Not ideal. Mind you, the combination of the beach as well as early morning adventuring is an infallible way to make me happy, so I can’t say I was too bothered.

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