Heal Your Relationship With Food: Aim For Balance, Not Perfection



Happy Wednesday guys! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week 🙂 Anyone else here in Australia ridiculously excited it’s Spring tomorrow?!

Anyways, today I thought I’d write up another post for my Heal Your Relationship With Food series (if you haven’t yet read the other posts, you can catch up here and here). This one is all about aiming for balance, not perfection.

Sometimes we can become SO obsessed with eating healthily, that it actually does more harm than good. Yep, an unhealthy obsession with healthy eating. How’s that for ironic?!

Now some people are total pros with balance. For the rest of us, it takes daily practice. In all honesty, balance was never my forte. I had to work hard to try and achieve balance in my life (not going to lie, still working on this one ha) and on my plate.

Luckily, we can ALL achieve balancing by making these little mindset adjustments:


nobody is perfect

NOBODY IS PERFECT. Now repeat this until it is engrained into your brain!! By trying to eat ‘perfectly’, you are setting yourself up for failure. We’re humans, not robots. There’s every chance that you will not be able to eat ‘perfectly’ every day and guess what, that’s ok. I mean, at what cost do you have to pay to eat ‘perfectly’ anyways? Your sanity?! Frustration every time you make something to eat? Guilt whenever you even think of eating something not-so-healthy? That’s no way to live. It really isn’t.

That brings me to my next point…


food is a guilt-free zone

You should NEVER feel guilty for eating food, whether it’s healthy or not. It’s perfectly ok to indulge here and there. It doesn’t make you a bad person; it doesn’t mean you’ve made a mistake; it doesn’t mean you’ve just ruined all your hard work and it certainly doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy. Your body can handle a little indulgence but it will struggle with the constant stress you put it under trying to eat ‘perfectly’ all the time.

So, I want you to forgive yourself for all the times you think you’ve ‘screwed up’, because you haven’t. You’re only human and you’re doing the best you can. Now, the next time you indulge, ENJOY it. Really savour the moment and be grateful for it.


there is no such thing as good food or bad food

To help banish this idea of ‘perfect’ eating we have to stop classifying foods as being ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Food is just food. It’s neutral. It’s simply there to fuel our bodies. Yes, some foods are a little healthier than others, but no food is ‘bad’ when it’s eaten in moderation.


break free from rules

There is no ‘right’ way to eat. There may be hundreds of different diets and food rules out there, each one claiming to be the better than the other, but truth be told, everyone’s different and there is no ‘one size fits all’ diet. Just listen to your body, make healthy choices and allow yourself to eat everything in moderation. Over time, you will figure out which foods make you feel amazing and what foods make you feel, well, bleh. Read more here! 


take the power back

Your time here on earth is just too precious to be worrying over food. Don’t let the fear of eating perfectly stop you from social situations, going to events, joining in on celebrations or spending time with your loved ones. You can bet your bottom dollar that when Christmas comes around I’ll be enjoying sticky date pudding (YUM) with my loved ones.

Never forget that YOU are the one that’s in control. Next time you’re being defeated by a slice of cake, think to yourself how crazy it is that you’re letting a bit of flour, sugar, butter and eggs spoil your day. Food should not have that much power over your happiness. Life is short, enjoy it.


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I really hope these mindset tips help you work towards finding balance! Having a healthy relationship with food is just as important as eating healthily.

Oh and stay tuned for lots of exciting new content over the next week, YAY. I’m even going to be sharing my adventures from the weekend – hint: it involves beautiful scenery, photos of the galaxy and watching a sunset from the top of a waterfall. Yep, I couldn’t believe it either. 

Anyways, I should stop rambling, I have to go write up an assignment for uni!

Talk to you all again very soon xx

Chante Louise


P.S. For people like myself who have had or do currently have medical conditions that require restrictive diets and they’re finding this is taking a serious toll on their relationship with food, seek the help of a dietitian. That goes for everyone else too, if you don’t feel like you are coping mentally, please seek professional help, there’s no shame in doing so 🙂



  1. August 31, 2016 / 3:26 pm

    I loved reading this article – am currently trying to live a healthier lifestyle and can be hard on myself and feel guilty if I “screw up” occasionally- thank you for giving me the power to say it’s OK when I do

    • Chanté
      September 28, 2016 / 1:00 am

      Aw this makes me so happy! I’m so glad this post resonated with you and has helped you in some way! Always be kind to yourself 🙂 Thankyou for reading!

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