Simple Tips to Keep You Hydrated

Infused Water with Lemon and Cucumber slices

Infused Water with Lemon and Cucumber slices

Hey guys!

I’m so sorry for my absence in the last week or so, my time has been eaten up by stats exams and research proposals. However, I’m BACK and I come with a new post. Today we’re talking all about staying hydrated.


Did you know that 55-60% of our bodies is made up of water? How about that water is responsible for every process in the body?!? Yep. Everything from metabolism, to digestion, to oxygen delivery and even to removing toxins from your body.. just to name a few. We simply cannot function without water. It is THAT important. Yet for some reason, drinking water is just too damn easy to forget. So, we need to change that! Here’s my fave and ridiculously simple tips to stay hydrated.


How Much Water Should You Drink?

First things first – how much water should we even be drinking?! There’s no clear answer to this question and it depends on SO many different factors, but in general, aim for 8-10 cups per day.

Apps & Alarms

There are plenty of apps  that will notify you throughout the day to drink water. If you’re anything like me and you’re always forgetting to drink water (whoops!), then having constant reminders can make the world of difference. You can even track how much water you’ve had throughout the day to make sure you’re drinking enough. Alternatively, if you don’t want to download an app you could set alarms/reminders on your phone.


Infused Water

Totally stating the obvious here, but you’re going to drink A LOT more water if it tastes good. Lately I’ve been lurrrving infused water. Cut up slices of your favourite fruit, place in it a glass of water and voila! 


Drink a Glass of Water First Thing in The Morning

Every single night I keep a bottle of water beside my bed and drink it first thing in the morning. This is without a doubt the main thing responsible for how much water I drink ha!

Water bottle

Consume More Fruits & Vegetables

Most raw fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water. So, either eat more of these foods or have them in juices and smoothies. Not only is it a yummy way to hydrate, you have the added bonus vitamins and minerals!


Make It a Habit

What is something you do regularly throughout the day? From now on, plan to drink some water before you do that particular thing and eventually it will become a habit. Say you try to drink some water every time you check your phone, after awhile checking your phone will become a trigger to drink more water. Another idea is to make a habit of drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before eating meals. This can be particularly handy for those of you that are watching your weight, as a lot of the time we confuse thirst and hunger signals.


Carry a Water Bottle Around With You

Find a lightweight water bottle that you can fill with water and stick in your bag wherever you go. Yes, it may make your bag a little heavier but just think of it as incentive to drink the water and thus lessen the weight!


Know When to Up Your Drinking Game

Make sure you drink extra water whilst you exercise or during hot weather as you need to replenish the water lost through sweating! You should also drink extra water if your diet includes a lot of fibre.

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What are your top tips for staying hydrated?! Share in the comments below, I would love to hear them! Now that I’m back on top of my uni work, I can post more regularly on here YAY. So, get excited for all new content coming your way 😉

Until next time xo

Chante Louise




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